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Corporate Information

On the huge map called “society,” we continue to build new roads to “information,” connecting people to one another

Today’s society confuses people with the vast amount of information racing over the land, air and sea, just like an intricate map.
Communication is established only when a smooth road is built for delivering information to the person you want to convey it to.

We, Towa Engineering have been building new roads for communication at various places where people get together including corporate facilities, educational facilities, government offices, sociocultural facilities, hospitals, and welfare facilities.
We have been offering total solutions by effectively combining various media systems with our IT technologies.

What we offer is a total service that profoundly satisfies our clients.
We quickly discover existing and potential problems our clients are facing or are possible to face in the future, and give detailed consulting advice.
In addition to that, we build high-performance systems that are genuinely easy to use.
And our powerful support system will promptly respond to the various needs of our clients over an extended period of time.

Under this philosophy, our company continues its corporate efforts.
Now, multimedia and network systems are facing an age of ever-more diversity.
To convey information more easily and to use the system more easily.
We, Towa Engineering will create new communication roads.



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